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“Marupes Metalmaster” joint company Stadiona str. 1, Ozolnieki, LV-3018

Phone: +371 67069867
Fax: +371 67069868

Productions and selling: metal coverings for roofs and walls, sewerage systems, extra elements, snow barriers and security barriers, flue and pipe elements, mansard windows. Selling:vee-type (trapeziform) profiles, sandwich panels.


SONY DSC “Marupes Metalmaster” joint company Ozolnieki, Kopiela 1b, LV-3018

Phone: +371 63050650
Fax: + 371 63094237

Production and selling: metal constructions Services: metal cutting, cutting and rewind of metal rolls, metal bending, metal surface cleaning and painting.
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Ozolnieki, Stadiona iela 1, tālr. +371 67069867
Ozolnieki, Kopiela 1b, tālr. +371 63050650

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