Terms and Conditions

Internet shop Terms and Conditions

Welcome to JSC "Mārupes Metālmeistars" onlinestore. From now on, we offer our online store terms of use. If you visit, shop or otherwise use our online store, you agree to these terms and accept them as binding. By using our online store, you agree to submit the personal data specified in the online store order registration application to us as a data controller, as well as agree to the processing of such data, including entering, storing and using it, in order to ensure the establishment and fulfilment of the obligations between you and JSC "Mārupes Metālmeistars". In order to protect your interests, we ensure fair and lawful processing of personal data only in accordance with the intended purpose and to the extent necessary for it. If the relevant note is made in the application for registration of an online store order, you agree that your data is also used for commercial purposes, i.e., an offer for our goods and services for shipping for market research and marketing purposes.

General provisions

If the consumer purchases goods through the online store, such mutual agreement shall be considered as a contract of distance and shall be subject to the legal norms of the Republic ofLatvia governing the distance contract, including, but not limited to, the Consumer Rights Protection Law of the Republic of Latvia, the Cabinet of Ministers regulations of the Republic of Latvia"Regulations regarding distance contracts", etc.c.

Making purchases

The prices and descriptions of goods sold in the online store are indicated next to the goods. To place an order, add the desired items to your shopping cart. Fill in all the necessary fields regarding interest to these items (their types) and their quantity, choosing the most appropriate mode of delivery. Pay for the purchase to complete the order. The order is considered binding now when you have ordered in our online store and we have approved it by e-mail. An e-mail shall be deemed to have been received on the same day as it was sent. We have the right to refuse further execution of your order (also after sending the initial confirmation of your order) in case: (i) the product is no longer available in our warehouse or is not available in the quantity in which you want to buy it; (ii) for technical reasons, the price and/or parameters of the product indicated in our online store do not correspond to the actual price and/or parameters of the product; (iii) the buyer is not familiar with the terms and conditions of our online store.

Payment terms

The settlement currency on the website is euro. The distance contract comes into force with a successful payment for the purchased goods to our bank account. If for any reason it is not possible to fulfill the order, you will be informed the same and the amount of money paid will be refunded as soon as possible, but not later than within 14 days after receipt of the notification of the impossibility of fulfilling the order submitted by you.

Delivery terms

Goods are delivered to the following countries: Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia. The purchased goods are delivered via a packing house partner, courier mail, JSC ''Mārupes Metālmeistars'' transport or issued to you from our warehouse. All fees and taxes payable to receive the shipment at the destination must be borne by you. In our online store, the goods delivered are issued to the packing partner or courier service within 14 working days from the moment you place your order in our online store. JSC "Mārupes metālmeistars" undertakes to deliver the goods within 14 days or the customer collects the goods within the specified term. In exceptional cases, we have the right to ship goods for up to 45 calendar days, informing the customer thereof. The online store is not responsible for delays in the fulfilment of the ordered goods or non-fulfilment thereof, or other kinds of non-compliance due to circumstances and obstacles beyond our reasonable control (e.g., delay of the selected courier in relation to the delivery of the order.c, etc.).

Quality of goods and returns

The quality of the goods offered in our online store corresponds to theEU Standards. The buyer, who is not considered a consumer within the meaning of regulatory enactments, performs the quality check of the goods within 2 (two) calendar days from the moment of receipt of the goods, informing us in case of possible non-conformities not to rectify the established conformity and/or to solve the situation. You are obliged to submit a report on the non-conformity of your goods as consumed with the terms of the contract no later than within 14 days from the date on which the non-conformity of the purchased goods with the terms of the contract is established. The day when the goods you have purchased have been handed over to you shall be considered as the day of purchase of the goods. Notices of non-conformity of the purchased goods with the terms of the contract shall be sent in writing to our e-mail address: office@metalmaster.lv. The online store shall not be considered liable in relation to defects of the goods which have occurred after the moment of delivery of the goods. If the purchased goods have deficiencies for which the online store can be declared responsible, you have the right to request the rectifying or exchange of the identified deficiencies of the goods for new goods at no additional cost. In case you already find a defect in the goods (or its packaging) at the time of delivery of the goods (or its packaging),in order to ensure the possible occurrence of a dispute and a successful solution to the situation, the detected defects (damages) shall be marked in the delivery note of the goods. Although, in general, in accordance with the requirements of regulatory enactments, you have the right, if you are to be recognised as a consumer, to refuse the order you have submitted after placing it, exceptions must be made from it. Considering that in our online store all goods are manufactured according to your instructions (specifications, product size dimensions, material type and other personalized characteristics) or the goods are clearly personalized in your interests, you as a consumer do not have the right to use the right of withdrawal specified in regulatory enactments in case of purchase of this type of goods.

Processing of personal data within the framework of the execution of an order

The online store only processes your personal data that you have communicated to the online store at the time of ordering the goods (e.g. your name, e-mail,.c. ). The online store transfers your persona data to the transport service provider(s) for the delivery of the goods you have ordered. If you have expressly agreed to receive our marketing communications, including news, we may contact you from time to time by sending information about our services and the latest offers. For this purpose, we may process your email address that you provided when signing up for marketing communications. You have the option to opt out of marketing communications by notifying us by e-mail: office@mwtalmaster.lv.

Intellectual property rights

Online stores contain text, videos, photographs, images, logos and other materials protected by copyright and/or other intellectual property rights. We reserve ownership, copyright and all other intangible rights to the online store and the material (its individual elements) reflected there. The publication, reproduction, transfer or storage of all or part of the contents of an online store shall be prohibited unless the holder of the proprietary, copyright or other intellectual property rights has given his or her consent to such action. It isallowed to quote our online store in accordance with applicable copyright law. If the content is quoted, its source must be indicated, but it is prohibited to reproduce, publish or distribute the trademarks or logos contained in this online store without the prior written consent of the owner of those trademarks or logos. If you wish to use the contents of the online store, republish its contents or individual elements, or take any other action, please contact us. Perhaps we will be able to cooperate with each other in the future.

Dispute resolution procedures

These terms and conditions shall come into force between the persons involved at the moment when the person has completed the application for registration (or order) of the online store and shall be valid for an indefinite period of time. Either party may unilaterally derogate from these provisions by notifying the other party at least 30 days in advance. Upon expiry of the provisions, persons shall not be relieved of their obligations arising from acts committed before the expiry of the provisions until full settlement, as well as until all matters relating to the given contract have been resolved. In matters not provided for in this Regulation, the parties involved undertake to comply with the laws and regulations in force in the Republic of Latvia. Disputes between you and the online store shall be settled by mutual negotiation or correspondence, or out-of-court procedures in the Consumer Dispute Resolution Commission, if you are a consumer and permitted by laws and regulations. In case the above mentioned does not provide a resolution - the existing dispute shall be solved in a court of the Republic of Latvia in accordance with the laws and regulations of the Republic of Latvia.