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Valcprofile / Roofing

Technical information
Coating area: 545 – 880 mm
Material thickness: 0.45 – 0.5mm
Shape height: 25mm
Source material: Zn, Pe, Pur, PVC, Cu, TiZn, Al
Colours: According to the colour catalogue RR and RAL
Maximal length: 12 m
Technical information materials

Rabbet roofing is one of the oldest types of metal roofs, and it is still the best solutions for complicated roof designs. Having this roofing material is a long-term investment, taking into account its durability.

“Marupes Metalmeistars” joint stock company offers a rabbet roofing with double edge turn up. According to the roof design rabbet shape can be selected: with a smooth surface or two stiffeners.

When manufacturing rabbet roofing it is possible to change the sheet coating width from 220 to 880 mm, but in practice most people use 545 mm width.

The sheets are cramped by metal cramps or “clampers”. It means that metal sheet is not sticked through. Cramping cramps to the board zinked screws or nails are used. A minimal quantity of cramps is 5 pcs/m2. An average distance between cramps is 400 mm. If building roof is located in a windy place, a recommended distance between cramps is 300 mm. Joint bend is joint by special device with a roller or wooden hammer.

The basic coating for rabbet roofing is a dry, antiseptic board. Board section is 25x100mm, at roof’s slope, a distance between boards is 25-60mm (depending on the design and slope). A solid coating is necessary for ridge, valley, water drip, as well as flue pipe and roof hatch. We recommend to go to specialists for this material roofing.

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