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Solo profile / Roofing

Technical information
Coating area: 475 mm
Material thickness: 0.45 – 0.60 mm
Shape height: 38mm
Source material: Zn, Pe, Pur, PVC, Cu, TiZn, Al
Colours: According to the colours catalogue RRand RAL
Maximum length: 12 m
Description: Depending on the roof design we offer Solo shape: with a smooth surface (S38), with two (W38/2), five (W38/5) and nine (W38/9) stiffeners.
Technical information materials

“SOLO” classical shape it is a modern version of rabbet roofing, but its laying is simplified and quick: the shape is screwed to roof boarding by screws or nails, metal “clippers” and there is no need of other devices.

“Marupes Metalmeistars” joint stock company offers SOLO shape of a corresponding roof design: with a smooth surface, with two, five or nine stiffeners.

SOLO shape is used as for roofing of public and dwelling houses as for farming buildings.

The main covering of SOLO shape is a dry, antiseptic board, with a step 200 mm. There is no need of extra hermetic at sheet jointing places. An antioxidant coat is a necessary element of metal roofing.

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